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Projects To Show Some Of Blueline Construction's Versatility and Capabilities

Blueline Construction was selected by Oltman's Construction to build the new Prima Products facility in Tracy, CA. 

The Beltway 1 project for Fite Development was an 11 building project in Elk Grove.  Blueline provided a full package including structural steel, rebar, and site concrete.

ARCO Construction Services chose Blueline Construction to build the new facility for The Martin-Brower Company, which included "Thermomass" panels, freezer slabs and a cold loading dock.

Kajima Construction Services decided to use Blueline Construction to build the Crown Bolt project. Located in Stockton, CA., this 195,000 Sq. Ft. building includes concrete loading docks and extensive site work.

Kajima Construction again chose Blueline Construction to build it's 500,000 sq. ft. building in Stockton, CA.

McCuen Center Phase Two is a 48,000 square foot Two-Story tilt-up for Ballance Construction and McCuen properties.  The building is accented by extensive reveal, and other innovative architectural features

Jackson Properties picked Blueline for the construction of the Union Park Way project in Elk Grove. 

Buzz Oates Construction came to Blueline Construction to build the two building project located at Florin Perkins and Younger Creek.

The new Comcast Cable facility is underway for Nordby Construction.  This project is remarkable due to the extensive reveal and innovative use of tilt up panels as architectural features.



The Beltway 2 project in Elk Grove is also for Fite Development.  Located across the street from the Beltway 1 project, it is a 5 building project that Blueline also provided structural steel, rebar, and site concrete for.  A testament to Blueline's ability to please their clients. 

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